The Whitney

This iconic mansion turned restaurant and event venue truly is a walk back in time. “The Whitney” has been famous since 1894, when it became the home to Detroit’s wealthiest man at the time: David Whitney Jr. The Whitney has kept its Romanesque charm while it transformed into one of the finest dining settings in Detroit. In addition to the fine dining area there is an upscale “ghostbar” lounge, beautiful gardens, dessert parlor, private event spaces and haunting tours of the remaining mansion space.

The vintage charm and beauty found here could not be recreated in modern day. Much of The Whitney’s appeal is the authenticity made accessible to anyone who wishes to experience it. David Whitney Jr. did not skimp on this luxurious home. On today’s dime, The Whitney’s construction and interior is worth well over 20 million dollars.

Their award-winning cuisine is described as “elegantly American”. Executive Chef Natasha Vitti presents a fine dining menu featuring prime steak dishes and fresh seafood options, all served in a beautiful presentation with original flavors. Between the amazing food, impeccable service and eye-catching allure, your experience at the notorious Whitney will be unlike any other.


4421 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-5700