The Heart of the City


Campus Martius Park |

At the heart of downtown Detroit is Campus Martius Park, a gathering place for Detroit explorers. Campus Martius Park plays host to a variety of year-round, outdoor activities. During the winter holidays, the park gets especially festive. Menorah in the D celebrates Chanukah with a 26-foot menorah. And the tree lighting ceremony illuminates a 60-foot spruce with 19,000 Christmas lights. In January, stop by for Winter Blast, a festival with ice sculptures, marshmallow roasting and zip-lining. During the warm months, sit outside with friends at French bistro tables, grab a snack at a food truck and relax on the beach, built just for the summer.

Campus Martius is a lively meet-up for friends and families to gather, have fun and partake in the bustle of downtown Detroit.

800 Woodward Ave