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Bon Bon Bon |

Manufactured in Hamtramck and delivered to Detroit, Bon Bon Bon is a package of big ideas. Founded on the passion and perseverance of chocolatier Alexandra Clark, Bon Bon Bon mixes artistry and invention to create indulgent, creatively-made chocolate candies. From exotic and bizarre to familiar and authentic, no Bon Bon Bon is ever quite the same and new combinations are as frequent as seasons and moods. Uniquely boxed and specially made, Bon Bon Bon is a fun delicacy you won’t find just anywhere.

Try the Gold Digger, a dark chocolate shell filled with champagne dark chocolate ganache, or the Swimming Turtle, toasted pecan and sea salt wrapped in caramel. Whichever you choose, a hot cup of coffee completes this delicious little treat.

719 Griswold St.
Suite 100