Pizza Spots for Delivery


Brooklyn Pizza |

Since 1996, Brooklyn Pizza has offered authentic, wood-fired pizza that tastes like it comes directly from Brooklyn, New York. That’s because it has. Our founders hail from Brooklyn and created a chain of comfortable local pizzerias modeled after those you’d find nestled in the streets of New York. Here, each delicious pizza is handcrafted using the freshest ingredients and then expertly cooked over an open flame in a wood-burning stove that was developed by a renowned Italian-born engineer.

The result is pizza that is downright delicious. All our food is made fresh daily so we can offer you the finest fare, whether you’re grabbing a slice to go, feeding the entire family or dropping in for some homemade gelato.

No matter how you slice it, Brooklyn Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy authentic, wood-fired pizza.

111 Henrietta St
(248) 258-6690


Jets Pizza |

Since opening their first pizzeria, Jet’s has been selling pizza, submarine sandwiches and salads that have been pleasing the palates of people everywhere. But the single menu item that Jet’s Pizza has become famous for, above anything else, is their signature deep-dish square pizza. It is this style of pizza, and the way it is exclusively prepared, that differentiates Jet’s Pizza from any other pizzeria on the planet. Jet’s Pizza only uses the highest quality ingredients; they have built their business, their reputation, and their taste on keeping it that way.

Cottage Inn |

The first Cottage Inn restaurant opened its doors at 512 East William, Ann Arbor in 1948. This restaurant has had the distinction of being the first restaurant in Ann Arbor to serve pizza. The current ownership acquired the building at 512 E. William in 1961 and it remains the company’s flagship today. Some locations even have inside seating and “all you can eat” pizza buffet bars! But for sure they deliver!